The Payments Interoperability Layer

We connect to both on-chain and off-chain ecosystems to enable fast, secure and low fees payments for any cross-chain application.

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Web3 payments as convenient as Web2, without compromise

Instant Payments

Near-instant transactions cross-chain without need to bridge or swap any cryptocurrencies

Blockchain primitives

Built from two highly secure and reliable protocols, blockchain consensus and DID (Decentralised Identity)

Web2 like SLAs

Give your users protection & piece mind from guaranteed payments, dispute resolution & chargebacks

The complete payment stack to build your application

Our protocol contains four architectural layers from trustworthy and secure blockchain primitive to core SLA requirements missing from most blockchain-based payment systems today.

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A payment protocol with no compromise on performance

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Binded payments

Binding payments with proof & context using cryptographically secured receipts

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Optimistic strategy

We use of an optimistic strategy that allows Web3 paylinks to work at Web2 speed

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Bridge-less setup

Deposited funds never leave the control of the payee, funds are not bridged

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Read our technical lightpaper to learn more

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