Scale across multiple chains

Accept payments from any chain and mint NFTs on any chain, removing the need for your users to bridge funds.
Sprynt is a secure & easy integration to make your dApp fully cross-chain with just a few lines of code.

Why Sprynt

Remove the need for your users to bridge or swap funds

Sprynt is solving the cross-chain interoperability problem, one of the biggest pain point for users and dApps in Web3.

Reach scale instantly

Difficult to scale on smaller blockchains

Sprynt enables to reach users funds on any chain

Remove friction for your users

Bridging funds is slow, complex & costly

Sprynt enables users to pay cross-chain directly

Avoid non-secure bridges

Bridges are the main target for hackers

Sprynt removes need for users to use bridges

Users expect interoperability

Non-Web3 native users expect interoperability

Sprynt enables cross-chain interoperability


The complete toolbox to make your dApp fully cross-chain

Our products allow dApps to reach their true potential and reach scale without having to build heavy infrastructure from scratch.


Our product is fully adaptable to your needs

We provide options to fit any dApps needs, from smaller websites to scaled applications, with best in class customer support.

tools options

Integrate our products to your app or website easily with just a few lines of code

Optimal mint recommendation

Our tool gives advice on which chain to mint NFTs or Tokens based on KPIs you choose


Automatically track & get overview which crypto users are using on your dApp

website option

No dev. to integrate APIs? No problem, our solution also works as standalone website

Best in class support

Our team is at your service to support for any question or help you might need

Customisable Branding

Fully customise look and feel to your specific branding