The easiest way to
get paid with Paylinks

Create a Paylink in minutes to get paid, anytime, anywhere.
No code set-up to generate easy to share and flexible Paylinks for any goods, services, donations or tips.

Get paid anytime, anywhere

No code, no hassle

Share your Paylinks with anyone to get paid instantly, fully cross-chain & decentralised.

Sell any goods or services, collect tips or donations, get paid for any type of work.

Automated (NFT) invoice generation & reconciliation

Why use Sprynt Paylinks

No code setup

Generate Paylinks in just a few clicks, without any coding experience needed.

Get paid anywhere

Get paid for your work, anytime, anywhere. Simple send the link or QR code to anyone,

Have full control

Control the blockchains you want to accept funds in and control funds at all times.

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